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Margarita Day

It’s no secret that over here at Pepe’s we adore any and all opportunities to bring attention to and celebrate the wonderful Mexican culture. Coming up soon is another one of those chances.

Join us on the 22nd of February to be a part of our National Margarita Day fiesta.

This iconic cocktail has been around as early as the 1930’s and has seeped its way into pop culture throughout the years. Making use of Tequila, Triple sec and fresh lime juice, served in a glass rimmed with salt, this truly is a classic highlighting some very traditional flavours found within Mexican cuisine.

At Pepe’s we boast an extensive list and to make the day that little bit extra, we’re bringing to you some fantastic specialty Margaritas, as well as some awesome food specials.

So bring your amigos, order a drink and relax while we serve you up a delicious Mexican feast. We’ll have live Mariachi music at dinner, which will transport you straight to Mexico (Bayside and Newmarket Only).

To get in touch and make sure you’ve reserved your spot at our annual fiesta. Book now!