Mezcal Day

As you know, supporting, recognizing and celebrating the cultural heritage of Mexico is very important to us at Pepe’s! Thursday, October 21st is another chance to do so. Coming up very soon is National Mezcal Day! Providing another chance to enjoy, celebrate Mexican traditions, and take part of the spectacular culture.

Mezcal is an alcoholic drink distilled from the agave plant, much like tequila. One of the oldest spirits around and is still to this day enjoyed internationally. From growing agave to bottling the drink is a process that can take years, and every bottle is different but full of rich Mexican history.

In addition to our regular menu that you know and love, there will also be plenty of great food and drink specials, as well as our famous live mariachi. So, clear a space on your calendar, gather your amigos, and head on over to Pepe’s to help celebrate the timeless drink that is enjoyed by millions around the world!

Book your table NOW and come celebrate another fiesta at Pepe’s!!

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